Leased employees

For this service, we use public and targeted search to reach the most motivated talents who fit perfectly with your company's culture.


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    Our goal is to find you a qualified temporary workforce.

    Why use Leased Employee Service?

    A convenient option in situations that require flexibility. We take care of the recruitment process as well as the necessary contractual operations, etc.

    leased employees

    Key benefits

    Flexibility and time savings when recruitment needs change.

    Flexibility in recruitment
    A quick and effective solution if the need for recruitment is greater than expected, the duration of the employment is indefinite or if there are many risk factors.
    Risk minimization
    Before starting long-term employment you can make sure that both parties are committed.
    Find talent for temporary needs
    The best solution for summer or project work, replacements and for seasonal needs.

    How it works?

    The selected candidate will be hired by us and we will take care of all the legal obligations of the employer.

    Defining the profile
    We help you define the right audience for your specific recruitment needs.
    Recruitment process
    The recruitment process covers everything from defining the right target audience to marketing and interviewing selected candidates.
    Counseling and employer responsibilities
    We will present you the best candidates and offer you support from interviews to hiring decisions. We take care of all the responsibilities of the employer and consult you at all stages of the process.

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    Leased employees

    The recruiter was very helpful, communicated quickly and appropriately when needed.

    Taavi Sulamägi
    Leased employees

    Everything was easy and they were always available by email or call. Recommend!

    Tarmo Sults

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    Trainee, customer support specialist, summer trainee, marketing assistant, project worker, sales trainee, part-time, junior software developer, marketing coordinator, office assistant, replacement worker

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