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Three key values steer the course of our actions: continuous development, trust and empathy. Our values are visible in the quality of both the candidate and customer experience that we provide, and in our internal employee experience.


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    About us

    We help businesses and people thrive by connecting bright talents with the right companies.


    Jelena Ivanova
    Jelena Ivanova


    Anna Raudsepp
    Anna Raudsepp
    Recruitment consultant


    Marko Pukk
    Marko Pukk
    Recruitment consultant



    We believe that potential and a proactive attitude go a long way in life.

    Satisfied customers
    Our satisfied customers are at the very core of our business. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction in every situation and thus offer a guarantee.
    Bright and value-driven talents
    We understand and know the needs of our core focus group. We take extra care in supporting and helping them build their careers.
    Motivated and skilled team
    We are a great place to work at. We support our employees' development and wellbeing every day of the week. Our team is professional, honest and easygoing - in a good way.

    Join our team!

    We are proud to say that we enjoy working at us, our job is very demanding but equally rewarding. We give responsibility and trust our employees from day one. However, support and colleagues are always close if needed.

    Flexible working hours and remote work
    Self-leadership is a key skill and a benefit at our agency. Micromanagement is forbidden and making smart decisions is more than encouraged.
    Strong purpose
    We have a meaningful impact on the employment of young professionals as well as the success of our client companies. There is no better feeling than finding a match that is truly a win-win situation.
    Witness the vast growth of an ambitious company
    We’re young and motivated with the aim of growing at least 50% per year. Every employee has an important role in this. That, of course, means that besides developing the company, you can really develop yourself at least as fast, if not more!